MakerBeam and the ‘Coupe de France de Robotique 2020’

In France we have two resellers: Lextronic and Génération Robots. The last one sponsored a team that is working towards the ‘Coupe de France de Robotique 2020’.

Estia system (@EstiaSystem) is a robot and mechatronic association that is affiliated with ESTIA – École Supérieure des Technologie Industrielle. They send @GenerationRobots a tweet to thank them for their sponsorship and added some nice pictures of their work aimed at participation at the competition.

The competition was set to take place at May 20-23 this year. Due to the Corona virus this date will probably not be met. Hopefully the competition will be rescheduled to a later date.

Team MakerBeam

New outfit for Panther (UPDATE)

Grant Imahara, Panther and Raffaelo.

Panther’s heartbeat consists of NVDIA Jetson TX, ZED stereolabs camera and µNav motor control board.

Update: @Raffaello86 travelled around with Panther. Raffaello and his Powerful Autonomous eNTity High-End Robot were present at MakerFaire Tokyo in August and there was a poster presentation of PANTHER closer to our home. In September the GPU Technology Conference was held (GTCEU16) in Amsterdam. Close to Raffaelo’s home he presented Panther at MakerFaire Rome where he met met Grant Imahar (Mythbusters).

blog post from May 6, 2016:
We received great pictures through Twitter (@makerbeam) about a really nice robotics project from @Raffaello86.

#PANTHER 3 by Raffaello86

From @raffaello86 we received an update of a MakerBeam project through Twitter (@makerbeam). New outfit for ‪#‎PANTHER‬ Total black yellow damper. ‪#‎GoROS‬ @OSRFoundation powered on ‪#‎JetsonTX1‬ Officine Robotiche

A later tweet (Aug. 6, 2016) reads as follows: Hello everybody! and are in

Here is a link to a website all about PANTHER – Code Name: RUDE.

#PANTHER 4 by Raffaello86 #PANTHER 1 by Raffaello86 #PANTHER 2 by Raffaello86






project Hexapod robot

From Dejan Kocbek from SMAKsoft we received pictures of his project hexapod with only 4 legs and 8 servomotors (economic version).  Though it is missing some legs to really be a true hexapod it is a great project! It is a good example of how to use makerbeam for robotics. Thank you Dejan!

SMAKsoft by the way is a distributor of MakerBeam.