The Ant – Compact PCB Maker

The Ant was a successful project. So successful we never got round to make a blog post about it. The project now seems to have run it’s course. Some parts have become obsolete and hard to get a hold of. Why highlight it then now? It is a classic good MakerBeam project where MakerBeam is used to frame items that are (or were) ready available and custom 3D printed items.

The Ant team also made a series of how to build the Ant step by step in a series of videos. The 200mm (b: 100900, c: 100180) and 60mm (b: 100067, c: 100157) MakerBeam (10x10mm), T-slot nuts (101619), right angle brackets (100326), square headed bolts 6mm (100359) and the 200mm linear slide (104162) and self locking nuts (101619) are all needed for the build and they go through all the steps. You can find these here below.

The Ant team obviously is passionate about electronics. Two of them, Matti and Angelo, have gone on to create videos on the channel Due Makers Asociali (Italian language).

Team MakerBeam


In 2020 the ArsElectronica program took place all over the world. There were conferences, exhibitions, performances and concerts. These all took place locally but taken together they created a festival on the net to be enjoyed worldwide. One of the art performances was the UVTOWER.

The UVTOWER, pictured above, is a musical instrument. It is made with lasers and mirrors. Adding and removing mirrors changes the beat. Andrea Guidi and Giacomo Lepri use these lasers and mirrors to configure alternative ways for composing music. In doing so they reflect on the notion of growth in an accelerated age. The system collapses and starts anew. Changing the setting of the mirrors speeds up this process or slows it down.

Below is the @ArsElectronica 2020 YouTube video.

Team MakerBeam