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You can visit our webshop at www.makerbeam.eu or  click here.

In 2011 our webshop went live. The classic MakerBeam we sold then is very different from our current design. What remained is the size: 10x10mm.
From there we went on to introduce a whole range of products and aluminum profiles to our product range. We also sell OpenBeam (15x15mm) and MakerBeamXL (15x15mm)
If you want to know more about the differences between our beams please visit the blog on our webshop (tag: technical details). Here is a link.

MakerBeam aluminum profile (10x10mm)

I am an electronics engineer and I love to make things. I could envision MakerBeam to come in quite handy when building stuff. Since there is no welding or drilling needed I saw myself working from my desk or dinner table. Living in a city with no workshop or garage available that is a big advantage. Time, or the lack of time, also always is an obstacle. MakerBeam offered me a fast method of assembly for a project of my choice. The opportunities MakerBeam offers are endless.

As an entrepeneur I like the fact that MakerBeam offers professional quality. A prototype can actually be put to work. Or the material can be reused at low cost.  To be able to build something on a desk, rather than in a workshop, should also be an advantage in schools and laboratories.
MakerBeam is great prototyping material: fast, easy and infinitely adjustable.

As an engineer and an entrepeneur I love the appearance of MakerBeam: smooth, strong, small and beautiful.

MakerBeam is now being sold in shops all over Europe. You can click here if you want to see a list of where you can buy MakerBeam.

My team will be posting and blogging about projects of interest here. Visit our website at www.makerbeam.eu if you want to get creative yourself!

Think – Build – Enjoy

Johan de Stigter

March 2018

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