“Ryzen” PC with MakerBeam

On PCPARTPICKER.COM spawn01 shows the PC case he built himself. For the framework he used MakerBeam.

You can read more on PCPARTPICKER.COM, click here. Below are a few more pictures of the build.

And the last few pictures are from the start of the build with MakerBeam the most visible (click here to go to our website).

spawn01 ends his entry about the build that it is a great DIY project to take on. We could not agree more.

Team MakerBeam

One thought on ““Ryzen” PC with MakerBeam”

  1. The quality of your products can not be beat. I came upon your by shear luck and I could not be happier. I have many more projects planned utilizing your products. I would suggest to anyone to just give it a try. The only limiting factor would be your imagination. I am honored that you showcased my pc build using maker beam products. I thank you.

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