NEMA 17 bracket problems update 2

Good news and bad news. The good news is that we ordered lots of MakerBeam NEMA 17 brackets made of stainless steel. The bad news is that we have to wait a while because of Chinese new year. We expect this new batch early March. We will post a message on our website as soon as they come in.

When we published the last update concerning the NEMA 17 brackets (end November 2012) we thought our NEMA problems were over. Good quality NEMA brackets for a good price! Unfortunately this did not prove to be durable solution. We were unable to order a second batch with this European manufacturer.

At this point we knew that the second manufacturer we had approached earlier (also European) was unable to deliver the NEMA brackets he had invoiced. Exit this manufacturer as well.  Now we knew we had to go find a manufacturer all over again.

It was then we the manufacturers we already have a good relationship with – those who we order the parts for our starter kit from – came back with good offers. We decided to go with our Asian partner.

Our wish for the new year – Chinese or other – is to have a hassle free supply, stock and sale of NEMA 17 brackets!!