NEMA 17 bracket problems (& updates)

Update (20121122) It is very hard to make NEMA 17 brackets we find. Here is a link to a new blog post. Good news is we still expect some in by the end of November.

Update (20121113) Currently there are two companies making brackets for us. We hope to have them on stock before the end of November 2012.
26 October 2012

The long awaited new batch of NEMA 17 brackets arrived today. We were excited to open the package and have a look. What a disappointment!!

At first we were just a bit disappointed. They did not look as smooth and nice as the one we got from B-Electronics. But then you could also say we were a bit spoiled by Joel’s good work. Let’s just try the brackets. We got some screws and … they did not fit!!

Four useless screw holes.  And then it hit us. Four? Only four? We need eight!

If anyone knows a manufacturer who is able to make these brackets for a good price. Let us know! Here are pictures of what it should look like.