3D Andy’s starter kit 3D printer/plotter/CNC – CNC video 2/3

This is a second video showing the CNC based on the content of a starter kit in action.

If you are interested in building this multfunctional device out of MakerBeam profiles you can contact Andy (3d.andy@gmx.net). He also has files published on Thingiverse (https://www.thingiverse.com/3DAndy/designs) with more to come.

Team MakerBeam

Pancake machine (5/7) – electronics

Hendrik-Jan is a student who just started his bachelor studies in electronics September 2019. Hendrik-Jan made us a pancake machine.

An Arduino mega was used as a microcontroller for the machine.

During the process the wiring of the machine really became a mess, see above. Hendrik-Jan decided to make an expansion board for the Arduino mega, see below. This reduced the number of wires and made it all a lot simpler.

Hendrik-Jan also created a PCB with a control display.

Although there were two custom PCBs designed for the machine there still were quite a lot of wires hanging around the machine.

The reason for this was that Hendrik-Jan wanted all the cables to be pluggable. This meant that he had to use 8 separate jumper cables, only to connect the mainboard and interface board together. He recently found out about IDC-connectors which you can easily press onto a flat cable at home without the need of special pliers. He would recommend using these instead of what he did.

Team MakerBeam