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MakerBeam and MakerBeamXL offer a construction system of elements and modules. MakerBeam measures 10x10mm and MakerBeamXL has a cross section of 15x15mm. Both aluminum profiles have a hollow core and have threaded ends all lengths. See the blog on our webshop for more technical details (tag: technical details). Here is a link.

MakerBeam produces and sells aluminium profiles with T-slot in miniature size (maximum 15x15mm). These profiles provide you with the elements for a robust framework. T-slot is a popular technology widely used for industrial automation, robotics and machine enclosures. It is infinitely adjustable. The compatible components we offer, mostly in stainless steel, simplify complex machine building and give you enormous flexibility.

For inspiration see the projects made by customers on this blog or on our website .

Miniature size
MakerBeam adopted T-slot technology to offer you precision components for endless building possibilities in miniature size. You can use these on a desk or dinner table. Our beams are made of aluminum. Making it the smallest and strongest T-slot system.
FischerTechnik for example measures 15x15mm and these are made of nylon. Everything else is larger still, starting at 20mm.

Professional prototyping
MakerBeam offers precise and strong elements to build machines and robots. The beams give you the freedom to both integrate mechanical and electronic components. Prototyping also becomes easier using MakerBeam. No more improvised structures when you want to integrate various components into one machine. A wide variety of structural designs for machine frames and factory equipment is possible.

Endless possibilities
The design is tweaked to allow circuit boards to slot right into the sides. MakerBeam with a cross section of 10x10mm uses special designed bolts (M3), see our webshop.
We had a bit of a challenge finding the best screw for MakerBeam in 2012. We finally found it with our square headed bolt with hex hole. You can read more in our blog post: New bolts. And the final choice for the square headed bolt is documented here.

With MakerBeamXL  it is possible to use standard M3 nuts and bolts, see our webshop. For both profiles T-slot nuts were designed, but with MakerBeamXL you can also slide in the regular M3 nuts. You can mount servos with the use of brackets. There are no fixed positions for mounting giving you endless possibilities.

Build a fire-breathing robot dinosaur, a miniature CNC machine or that perfect enclosure to hold the circuitry for your custom electronics project.

Team MakerBeam

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