OpenBeam brackets delivery time uncertain – change in OpenBeam precut kit

OpenBeam brackets (102643, 102632) are out of stock. This means we are also out of stock for OpenBeam precut kits. We are not sure when we will have a new batch of brackets in.  Therefore we decided to create an alternative: the OpenBeam precut kit with XL brackets.

The OpenBeam T-brackets (102643) and L-brackets (102632) are out of stock. From our supplier we have not had a answer yet on when to expect these brackets in. They are working on a time table. Once we have an estimated delivery time we will let you know.

This means we are out of stock for the OpenBeam precut kit black (100540) and clear (100551) as well.

Since we now have an alternative for these brackets with the MakerBeamXL right angle bracket (101732) and the T-bracket (103004) we decided to create an alternative:  the OpenBeam precut kit with XL brackets. We aim to have this online before the end of January 2017.

Since we are also almost out of OpenBeam feet and we order these from the same supplier we also changed from the OpenBeam feet (100966) to the vinyl end caps for OpenBeam (100977) in this precut kit with XL brackets.

Team MakerBeam

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