Camera trap for insects

It is crucial to have good data available on the number of insects around. Especially now the number of insects is in decline. How many insects are left? What kind? All questions to be answered.

Kenniscentrum EIS (knowledge centre European Invertebrate Survey) in The Netherlands created a camera trap for insects. They used MakerBeam to create a frame.

prototype insect camera trap

Insects fly or crawl on the board and are photographed. The prototype, shown above, has a white board. The one used in the field has a yellow board to attract insects, see below.

insect camera trap in the field

The software is designed so that it only saves the picture of the insect. The rest is cut out. It also is programmed to compare pictures to find out whether it is the same insect or a new one.

The images are sent back to a lab where they have recognition software so an initial count can be made. Autumn and winter are used for a more detailed study of the data.

You can find more information on the website of EIS (Dutch language) and more information can be found in an article of Quest (see below, number 9 of 2019, also Dutch language).

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