Buttons to suit MakerBeam 1

MakerBeam offers fitted button head screws with the Starter Kit. They are 6mm length M3 screws and especially made to fit the MakerBeam profile. Since MakerBeam is made to fit M3 we thought that finding other lengths would be easy. Just take some M3 button head screws and slide them into the MakerBeam profile. Unfortunately this has proven to be more difficult. Not all screws fitted in that nicely.

After some trial and error we thought we found the distributor with just the perfect screws. Socket Button Head Screws, M3, 12mm length. The screws we need to fit our bearings. We had some packages from one batch and one from another batch. And yes, you probably guessed it by now, these screws from a different batch did not match. Aaarghhh!!

We thought the problem was with the manufacturer not accurately applying the DIN standards. M3 socket button head screws adhere to DIN standard 7380. This standard stipulates meticulously most features of a M3 screw. But not all we found. The DIN standard does not stipulate the curvature of the button heads. That is what is the most critical for the MakerBeam profile.

We now have a limited number of screws that actually fit. For this reason we will reduce the number of screws we pack with our bearings from 15 to 12 until we have found a more durable solution. Right now we are working on an affordable custom made solution. Of course we will keep you posted.

Team MakerBeam.eu

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  1. pete zegt:

    Could you machine a slope into the head of a hexagon head? It would stop the head from rotating as well and could be easily done with an angle grinder.

    • makerbeam makerbeam zegt:

      The first reaction of people on the screws is to make the head square to prevent rotation. This has been tested and does not work. When you tighten the nut the screw can rotate a bit and a small dent will be made in the profile. Removing the screw becomes almost impossible because the inside of the profile is not flat any more.
      Rond head looks not logical but works the best. A file can be used to make a screw fit. For a few screws I have done this. For thousands I am looking for a better solution.

  2. Andy zegt:

    Please let me know if you are still looking for a supplier of 12mm M3 screws. I’m almost sure I can find a supplier here in Taiwan. I just need a sample of the correct screw and a small length of MakerBeam.


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  4. Gregor zegt:

    I received my beams today and was a bit disappointed that none of my button head screws fitted; I didn’t know of this problem.
    FYI: They were from RS, Jeveka and some other sources. Too bad that the design wasn’t verified; it seems possible as far as mechanical constraints are concerned.

  5. Jakob zegt:

    Can you please publish a specification of your own type of DIN 7380 M3 screws? What exact curvature is needed to fit into MakerBeam?

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