MakerBeam in a box

Do you send the starter kit in a storage box as shown in your demo kit posts we were asked. The answer is we do not. In order to ship the starter kit as an envelope we chose to pack the starter kit as neatly as possible. We want to ship the kit in an envelope because it really helps to keep the shipping cost reasonable. Especially since we want to ship MakerBeam throughout Europe. First we used cardboard envelopes to pack the starter kit. Now we have boxes with a lid that still fit a post box.

We find they look a bit better than the ones we used before. For the kit to arrive safely we need to keep everything in place. Padding material sometimes raises the lid a bit making it bulkier. This could prevent the package from fitting a post box. Since this is the most important requirement for a package to be shipped as an envelope we want to avoid that. We use gaffer tape instead. It does not really look nice but certainly does the trick and does not leave any sticky residu. Very important! Here is how it looks like. Pictured are a starter kit and a little extra: a hex nut driver and a package of bearings. This still all fits.

Team MakerBeamEU

6 thoughts on “MakerBeam in a box”

  1. Maybe you changed the tape in the last couple of weeks, but the tape I got certainly *did* leave a sticky residue. I had to clean my beams with alcohol, which was rather time-consuming.

    Great product though!

    1. Thank you for the comment. Great input!

      No, we did not change the tape in the last couple of weeks, but we will change it this week. We really thought the tape we used did not leave a sticky residu. Apparently it does. We ordered gaffer tape from another manufacturer. Hopefully this will prevent time-consuming tedious cleaning jobs.


  2. I see that shipping is 10€ inside the EU. I can live with that.

    What about the VAT though?

    I don’t want to end up paying the VAT of your place and then be charged VAT of my country again.

    1. We are only allowed to ship without VAT if you have a valid VAT number as a company inside the EU.
      There will be no extra VAT in your country on goods bought inside the EU member states.

      1. That’s what I wanted to hear 😉

        I’m being robbed by the tax-collectors enough already, so I wanted to make sure they don’t do it twice.


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