Overview specifications MakerBeam, MakerBeamXL, OpenBeam

We made an overview for you with the specifications of our three beams put together. We believe this will be helpful in your choice what beam to use for your project.

Below is the picture and here is a link to a PDF-file.


Team MakerBeam



Computerstand OpenBeam 1

We share an office space with our colleagues from Wandy. One of them has two laptops but when in the office he wants to enjoy big screens. He wanted to place these screens higher than the added normal stands could provide. To optimise his workstation he turned to OpenBeam and created one computerstand to hold the two flatscreens. Here are some pictures.

Team MakerBeam



Liebherr crane in Fischer Technik and OpenBeam

A great project: a Liebherr crane made of Fischer Technik with OpenBeam used as reinforcement.

Liebherr-FT-1 042Peter Damen makes great items with Fischer Technik. Since he has known OpenBeam he uses OpenBeam to reinforce his projects. With this Liebherr crane he did the same. You can see where he used OpenBeam in these pictures below.
Clear OpenBeam for the longer lengths in the crane itself and pieces of black OpenBeam in the base.

You can read more about it and see more pictures on the fischer technik community website. Here is a link to Peter his project listed there.

Team MakerBeam

VJ-ing with OpenBeam

Joel sent us pictures of his OpenBeam project to make VJ-ing more relaxed. He built a structure that raised his equipment to an easy height.

12768403_10153912132700688_2042164832864463024_oHi MakerBeam team 🙂

I’d like to share with you some pictures of my project with OpenBeam.

It’s a structure to support my macbook pro, below a external hard disk and in front my midi controller

Very Very useful when I’m doing VJ’ing in a party to protect the material from spilling drinks and backache 😉






Distorted OpenBeam discovery

Unfortunately we discovered some 1000mm OpenBeam that have distorted ends. The tips were squeezed together as if they were handled by strong pliers on that end. Leaving the tips twisted and the holes oval instead of round.

We quickly inspected some packs and indeed found other beams that were distorted this way. This inspection also gave us the insight that it was a production failure rather than us packing the beams the wrong way. There were packs with distorted and non-distorted beams wrapped together. These tips should have been cut off in the production process.

Upon a closer inspection we have come to the conclusion that the distortion appears almost exclusively in the longer lengths OpenBeam. This means the beams of 600mm, 750mm, 1000mm and 2000mm.

Last week we sent an email out to the OpenBeam customers who possibly have bought affected beams from this batch. This way we can work out some form of compensation for  these customers or simply replace the affected beams with good beams.

We are very sorry for this to happen. Naturally we are in contact with out manufacturer as to make sure this does not happen again.

Team MakerBeam

OpenBeam is available on makerbeam.eu!

OpenBeam stock arrived at the MakerBeam warehouse, all items have been added to the makerbeam website, pricing is in place …… we are ready to sell OpenBeam!

Precut kit OpenBeam, black anodised

OpenBeamUSA and MakerBeam.eu joined forces. We are happy to tell MakerBeam.eu is now lead importer of OpenBeam in Europe!
It is great to have this addition to our product range. More information about OpenBeam and MakerBeam you’ll find in the blog we published: MakerBeam.eu and OpenBeamUSA.com

From today on OpenBeam can be ordered in our webshop www. makerbeam.eu.

Our current OpenBeam product range is as follows:
> Precut kits:
black and clear anodised. Lengths in kit in mm: 300, 270, 210, 150, 120, 90, 60, 45, 30. In the kit we also sell L-brackets, T-brackets, OB feet, hexagon head screws, button head socket screws, hex nut driver, hex key driver and nuts.
> Beams:
– Precut extrusions, black and clear anodised in different lengths in mm: 1000, 300, 270, 210, 150, 120, 90, 60, 45, 30. Only the 1000mm length beams we sell as a single item. All other lenghts are sold in packs of 4.
– Precut extrusions for Mendel, black anodised (in mm: 390, 300, 450, 240).
– Precut extrusions for MiniKossel, black anodised (in mm: 600, 240).
> Brackets:
L-brackets, T-brackets, Hitec Servo mount, NEMA 17 Stepper Motor, Shaft clamp kit, 608 Bearing to NEMA 17 adapter
> Nuts & bolts:
Screw button head socket cap M3 6mm, Hexagon Head bolts M3 6mm, M3 nuts
> Accessories:
OB feet, M3 hex nut driver, M3 hex key driver, M3 allen key

Soon we will have Kossel en Mendel kits available as well.

Both MakerBeam and OpenBeam are anodised aluminum extrusions with a diameter of under 20mm available in black or clear. Great for desktop projects.

Picture made by MakerBeamService.com

OpenBeam does not need special screws which is an advantage. The screws are a bit small in comparision to the size of the profile though. The surface area of the cross-section of OpenBeam is more than double this surface area of MakerBeam.
Size makes OpenBeam more suited for bigger projects and MakerBeam for smaller projects. The stainless brackets of MakerBeam seem to be more robust than the plastic ones of OpenBeam at first glance. The OpenBeam brackets are injection molded out of EMS Grivory GVX, a high-performance, high glass fiber reinforced polyamide copolymer that is engineered for metal replacement applications.

Why choose the one over the other? Your choice will depend on personal preferences and on what you plan to build. What do you think your project needs?

OpenBeam MakerBeam
Diameter 15x15mm 10x10mm
Surface With edges Smooth
Bracket material Polyamide copolymer Stainless steel
Bolts and nuts size M3, standard M3, custom made
Bolts and nuts material Stainless steel Stainless steel

The two profiles are different, but comparable and in the near future there will be more and more compatible products. For now enjoy our new product range. We as a team are looking forward to see what projects you make with OpenBeam, MakerBeam or a combination of both!

Team MakerBeam.eu

OpenBeam.eu and stock

This summer we will start the sale of OpenBeam. We expect stock coming in a few weeks from now. Because of this we started the preparation for the arrival of stock. In our office we are working on freeing storage space, see picture below.

Secondly we started to enter the OpenBeam products that will be available in our shop system. That is why when you search for OpenBeam you can find the products.  Please do not order OpenBeam. We will not take backorders. The best we can do is register your email and send you a message once we have stock available. WE DO NOT SELL OPENBEAM YET!!!

Last but not least a big step was made recently. The website OpenBeam.eu now refers to makerbeam.eu. In time we will welcome you to MakerBeam.eu and OpenBeam.eu

Team MakerBeam.eu

MakerBeam.eu and OpenBeamUSA.com

Drumroll please! We have some very exciting news to tell.

MakerBeam and OpenBeam are working together to get OpenBeam available in Europe. Open Source Hardware is good. United Open Source Hardware is better.

What happened? As some of you might know OpenBeam had some serious production problems. Here is a blog post from OpenBeam published in March 2013. It was around that time we were ordering from OpenBeam feeling this Open Source Hardware should be available here in Europe. One thing led to another and now we are working with OpenBeamUSA.com on the new extrusion supplier, and we have reached a joint agreement to produce these extrusions.
Under this arrangement, both MakerBeam.EU and OpenBeamUSA.com will be using the same extruder to manufacture the extrusions, and both companies committed to placing regularly timed orders together.  OpenBeam is setting up MakerBeam.EU to become the de-facto lead importer of OpenBeam to the European Union region while keeping prices reasonable.  So, for European OpenBeam friends, you will soon be able to buy OpenBeam at very reasonable prices.

Picture made by MakerBeamService.com

MakerBeam is smaller than OpenBeam. The diameter of the OpenBeam profile is 15mmx15mm. As you can see there are more differences between the profiles. It is the similarities though that made us want to start selling OpenBeam as well. Both profiles are under 20mm in size and Open Source Hardware. Companies that sell aluminum profiles usually draw the line at 20mm. In taking OpenBeam on board we also made the decision to specialize in smaller sized aluminum extrusion profiles. Great for desktop size projects!

We are also happy that MakerBeam reseller Technobots has also started carrying the entire range of OpenBeam products.

Picture made by Technobotsonline.com

The picture shows MakerBeam brackets on OpenBeam beams. This is an exciting image. We are curious to see where the addition of OpenBeam to our product range will lead MakerBeam. Projects customers make never cease to amaze us but this will undoubtedly trigger combinations in designs we never thought of.  Also we feel there is room to think about additions to our product range that are designed for compatibility. We are growing and maturing as a comany and that is awesome!

If you are interested in becoming a European reseller of OpenBeam, you can contact us directly.  Shipping is something that benefits from economies of scale and by concentrating the orders this way we can amortize the freight across a much bigger shipment and get better pricing from our vendors due to the higher volumes.

From the new extrusion supplier we received samples of OpenBeam. We were pleased with the quality and so was OpenBeam. This meant we could proceed with our plans. We both placed orders. It will take some time for the beams to arrive. This will probably be end of July 2013. We will keep you updated by message on our homepage. Stay tuned!

Team MakerBeam.eu