Starter Kit contents page and sample bag

Improvement of the MakerBeam starter kit is always on our wish list. We have several ideas, big and small. And three of those ideas now have been realised!

1. Content sheet
We thought when you open a kit you should be able to see what is inside in a flash. This content sheet is a simple yet nice addition to our kit.2 Manual
A manual has been on our wish list for a long time. It is one item that will not be removed from our wish list as well. The content sheet gave us the opportunity to make a start. On the backside there was room for one small project and a direction for use. The small project offers customers a chance to get to know MakerBeam a bit. It is an easy and simple project to test how the beams, brackets and bolts look and feel. 3 A surprise gift
We wanted to add a little extra to our kits. We thought of several ideas. Should we add a product to each order, should we order gifts with MakerBeam printed on it? We ended up combining this idea with another desire we had.
We introduced quite a few new products in the past year. Somehow we should give customers a chance to try these, but how? With the screws with the serrated head bottom we added bags with the specific question to please review the bolts. This led to the idea of a sample bag.  The sample bag gives customers the change to try new products themselves and it fits the original idea of a surprise gift. Right now the sample bag looks as pictured below, but we are planning on changing the content from time to time. Surprise!!

Every starter kit contains a content sheet and a sample bag from today on!


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