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We improved the content of the MakerBeam starter kit!

First, we decided to add a hex nut driver to every starter kit as a standard part of the kit. We feel with this the starter kit is a more complete product. The hex nut drivers we had were very expensive (wiha pico finish) or less effective (the small hex nut drivers). Now we have the best of both worlds with the our new hex nut drivers. One MakerBeam hex nut driver will be added to every starter kit from now. Important to mention is that the price of the starter kit remains the same!

The other improvement we made concerns the bolts. There was a blog post about new bolts recently. In that post we blogged about having received samples of square headed screws. We thought it would take a while before we would receive bags of this type of chamfered square headed bolts. To our surprise we have them here already! From now on you can find a bag (+/-250pcs) of these bolts in every starter kit instead of the ‘old’ 6mm bolts.

The screws with the serrated head bottom will be on sale for a while to come.  In our opinion the square headed screws are the better option for our starter kit. We had good reviews about the serrated type screws, but the square-headed screws will end any occurrence or suspicion of occurrence of problems with tightening once and for all.

Soon to come is a leaflet we are working on. We are also working on new products (brackets for bearings for example) and there is more to come ….

Team MakerBeam

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