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Deskbreeze is a lightweight and simple wind tunnel for teaching aerodynamics to children and adults.

Last summer, Gerhard’s daughter attended a sailing course for children. She was six years old and would enter school the following autumn. She could not read and write and therefore had trouble understanding the written course materials and the graphics. So Gerhard thought about a vivid method to explain to her the basics of aerodynamics for sailing.

Gerhard built a wind tunnel of cardboard and straws, attached to a little fog machine. It worked well, but wasn’t perfect. Through several iterations he developed a stable and simple wind tunnel, into which you can put different objects. With a simple turntable and wires you can change courses and the position of sails, for example.

Deskbreeze uses fans and honeycomb cores to create a laminar flow, and dry ice for the visualization of the airflows.

For more information please visit the Kickstarter website: Link to Kickstarter video

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